No excerpts … let’s just have the whole good news <3S, age 4 has an under developed pituitary gland and had developed some quite serious and life threatening issues previously in the year. Mum was about to reluctantly agree to a feeding tube [which comes with its own issues] due toRead more

adhd treatment

Previously this child couldn’t get himself ready for school, concentrate in class, answer in a test beyond the first few questions, control his impulses, etc.  He’s now writing whole sheets of A4 and has caught up in all subjects, exceeding his age level. In his last test he worked consistently upRead more

Panic Attacks Run In Families? Panic attacks (frequently leading to anxiety & depression) run in families. Some well-known explanations for this are: thinking patterns (nurture), common experiences (environment) & inherited factors (nature).  However, some reasons you’d not have guessed! Science is now finding that family trauma can be silently passed down toRead more