Michael recovered from a stomach ulcer and sciatica.

Stomach ulcer symptoms brought Michael to me, via Skype, from his sick bed a few days before Christmas.  He was in extreme pain, and as this was caused by the anti-inflammatory pain killers he had taken for sciatica he had no way to relieve the pain.   A homeopathic remedy (kali carb 1m in his case) rapidly relieved his stomach ulcer symptoms and saved Christmas for the family.

“I started having sciatic pain in September 2015,  I went to the doctor who prescribed some extra strength painkillers.  Unfortunately these led to me having severe stomach cramps and stomach ulcers.  The pain would come and go but would strike approximately 2 times a week and when it did it would last for up to 12hrs and was very painful.  I tried various prescription and over the counter remedies both pharmaceutical and more natural but the pain kept getting worse, lasting longer and more frequent, especially after dairy or fatty/greasy food.  I lost over 1 1/2 stone in just under a month.  I contacted Sally for an acute appointment and was given a recommendation for a remedy, which certainly reduced the pain.   This was then followed up by a full appointment over Skype which confirmed the suggested remedy as the best one for me,  and when I felt the symptoms start to build again I took the remedy and it was remarkable how well it staved off the pain.  It has now been at least a couple of weeks since the last episode and I feel much better and have even managed to start eating limited dairy again.  Now all I need to do is keep the weight off that I lost!  Thank you!”

Michael, Peterborough

Update: 4 years later

Michael is still free of problems with his stomach and his sciatica is also resolved.

Stomach Pain & Ulcer Symptoms

Stomach pain symptoms have a wide variety of causes:

Symptoms directly from stomach disorders:
acute gastritis, alcoholic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, hiatus hernia & reflux.

Medications, food sensitivity & cancers that can cause stomach symptoms:
Stomach symptoms can be caused by anti-inflammatory medications as in Michael’s case, or food allergies & sensitivities such as gluten and dairy intolerance.
Stomach pain can, on rare occasions, be a symptom of some cancers.

Many disorders not within the stomach can present with ‘stomach’ symptoms:
gallbladder disease, hepatitis, pancreatitis, angina and endometriosis.  Thus it is important to have the source of the pain investigated not so much for choosing homeopathic remedies but for making management decisions.

Stomach ulcer symptoms

Some of the symptoms you may experience are …

  • dull pain in the stomach.
  • weight loss.
  • not wanting to eat because of pain.
  • nausea or vomiting.
  • bloating.
  • burping or acid reflux.
  • heartburn (burning sensation in the chest)

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