Study Into Anxiety In Children: Outcomes..


In 2015 I carried out a homeopathic study to work on protocols for treating children with anxiety disorders/issues that lead to difficulties consulting health care providers, attending school & accessing other opportunities. Youth is a time when being restricted by anxiety is particularly sad as it can have a very life and development limiting effect. 

The study was for children between ages 5 and 18.
Commonly, repeated antibiotics and/or steroids featured in the prior history of the patients along with predisposition in the family.  Where both these factors featured, the onset of anxiety tended to be at an earlier age. Anxiety was frequently compounded by other issues, such as ASD, ADHD, and depression.

The study outcomes demonstrate that it is workable and efficient to consult with anxious children through the parent initially.  As they begin to recover they are more able to consult with a homeopath directly.

The holistic nature of homeopathy meant that the symptoms of other disorders were frequently improved or cured.  Anxiety was usually one of the first symptoms to be resolved.  Many of the children had had repeat infections in the past, or chronic problems like asthma or eczema.  These were also treated with homeopathy with success.

A Sample of Cases from the Study:

Anorexia & Paranoia: Rio 15, UK. [Calc phos & Ratanhia]
13 year old boy with anxiety and ASD [Sulphur]
Evan’s Case: Autism & Severe Anxiety [Tare hisp & Phos]
ADHD, Anxiety & Suicidal Depression [Tare hisp]
School Phobia & Homesickness: Robert’s Case [Ignatia]



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