PANS Triggers – Bartonella*

Bartonella is an infection trigger to check for if you have a child diagnosed with PANS or you suspect #PANS.


PANS (Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) is a disorder where a set of severe mental health symptoms appear suddenly in a child. There are quite a few known triggers & Bart should on that list.


As you’ll read in the case above, conventional treatments can often help. However, from my contact with dozens of parents with children with PAN Syndromes (including PANDAS), these treatments often give temporary relief.


Homeopathy doesn’t directly attack viruses or bacteria. It’s aim is to enhance the immune system to overcome the underlying weakness and susceptibility.

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  1. Hullo Sally,
    I am Cheryl Reid from AotearoaNZL.
    We exchanged about my granddaughter’s Chiari 1 with spinal cyst.
    You suggested some kind of closed remedy.
    She has also been diagnosed with a Pineal Cyst.
    I have asked my granddaughter (Nika) if she would consider Homeopathy and/or Acupuncture and she is going to follow up on getting a consultation here in AotearoaNZL.
    You came into my Facebook feed at a good time.
    If you have any thoughts, especially about the Pineal Gland cyst, it would be really appreciated.
    Thank you so much for your time💖🌻
    I will continue to Follow your most informative site.

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