No Feeding Tube!*

No excerpts … let’s just have the whole good news <3
S, age 4 has an under developed pituitary gland and had developed some quite serious and life threatening issues previously in the year. Mum was about to reluctantly agree to a feeding tube [which comes with its own issues] due to his inability to eat. The changes in him are so major he is noticing them as if they are ‘magic’.

“Just wanted to touch base regarding S. The change in him in the last 2 weeks after giving baryta carb, pituitary gland and poly bowel nosode is absolutely unbelievable. 

Our normally fearful little boy has this week not only lost so many fears but has actually been volunteering to do things he’s normally so scared of and greeting these things with such enthusiasm and excitement??!!! For example he usually can’t bear to be lifted up or tipped upside down but he’s been asking to be thrown in the air and upside down & has responded with a face of PURE JOY???!!! He normally cries when having his hair washed, can’t bear water in his eyes….this week he wanted to take the bath seat out as HE suggested he laid down in the bath to put his head under water….which he did and he laughed???!!! He’s gone out on his bike and not been scared of going fast….he’s laughed and embraced the thrill of riding fast downhill. Hes fallen over and hurt himself and not cried much to his own surprise, he even says ‘wow I fell over and I’m not crying!!’ He’s usually so sensitive to loud sounds but this week declared ‘im fine with a hand driers now mummy, I love loud sounds now…I didn’t used to like them!!’ It’s like he notices a change within himself. He’s also asking super intelligent questions, like how did the dinosaurs go extinct & he really processed the answers & responded to us asking more questions, it’s like someone has switched his brain fully on. 

For those non believers in homeopathy these things cannot be a mere coincidence, such huge changes on multiple levels. 

He even ate a fish finger tonight….his first attempt at new food in over 12 months and he said he liked it….and the best bit of all??? “Mummy I think my magic pills are making me feel SO happy!!!!” I’ve been moved to tears at seeing this radical change in him the past 2 days. It’s like he’s a different child. He’s like i remember him. The last 12 months or so have become a blur with huge mood swings and a lot of tears caused by him being too fearful, overwhelmed, overstimulated or hungry/tired etc but he’s been a total dream child the past 2 few days. We are really hoping this marks the start of a change within him or at least indicates he is on the right path.

Thank you! My little boy is back. Long may this continue. Xx
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Oh and not to mention he’s now drinking 4 cups of milk a day!!!! Was drinking 400 mls a day with the threat of the NG [feeding] tube but since his mood picked up he’s drunk 1600 mls a day!!! “

Chlöe Faye Rosamond, Mother of S age 4.
no feeding tube

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