Never Well Since IVF?*

My 37 year old client was “Generally feeling terrible since IVF”

My 37 year old client was “Generally feeling terrible since IVF” when I spoke to her at the end of September.

“Generally feeling terrible since IVF?”

I was seeing her for her son & I suggested she started an IVF detox before we met for her full first consultation, since it was a clear case of Never Well Since.

The cycle immediately after starting the IVF detox [using a form of homeopathy called ‘tautopathy’, which uses IVF meds to produce the remedy] she saw improvements in her PMS & period pain. Her husband didn’t even spot it was that time of the month!

As she continued, all her symptoms began to rapidly improve.
She’s had 2 normal cycles without PMS or period pain. She couldn’t believe it wasn’t a fluke the first time.

Since IVF, her moods had been unpredictable throughout the month and she would sink into a profound, ‘hopeless despair’.

Never well since IVF

Now her mood is balanced & positive and she’s coping well with the same life struggles that floored her before.
She’s sometimes sad but it is well in proportion, her sadness feels like it has a rational cause and she is able to act despite it.

Some time after the IVF, she began to experience continual body pain that would wander around from place to place and remain at a fairly steady 5/10 [10/10 being the most painful experience she remembers]. She also had frequent headaches and debilitating exhaustion.
Her body pain is down from a general constant of 5/10 to 0/10, she has no headaches & she has good energy again. In fact, she is so well we signed her straight off. 🙂

It is really worth working with a homeopath like myself if you have clearly been ‘Never Well Since’ IVF, a medication, vaccination, viral infection, grief, etc.

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