Mold & Strep: Beautiful outcomes for 14 Year old H after first prescription.

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14 year old H has an autism diagnosis, previously had seizures & severe gut dysbiosis [mum reports this has resolved with previous homeopathic treatment] and currently has a primary immune deficiency. He has a history of strep in his throat, groin, heart and nose and mold allergy with a long term exposure to mold before it was discovered and remediated. The whole family have mold sensitivity.
Mum reports lots and lots of pacing, rocking back and forth to music, jumping/bouncing body on bed.
Approaching strange women with long nails to ask to be scratched is becoming a problem now, at his age.
Very sweet boy.

We’ve gone from an atec of 120 to one in the 20’s. He has come so far. very smart, very loved – especially close with Papou, just need a set of eyes to help get us the rest of the way.

Mom of H, aged 14

Mold and strep treatment with homeopathy were exactly what was needed.

Homeopathic prescription: poly fungi plus [this is a mold, yeast and clostridia difficile detox which I have pioneered], strep nosode & tarentula hispana as the totality [classical] remedy.

After our first prescription mum reports:

What we were seeing with strep and mold clears:

More emotional, bumpy. But more complex sentence structure.

“No Papou House” has become “I don’t want to go to Papou’s house”

Since then we are seeing huge gains in motor skills – he asked for and received a nintendo switch for christmas but really used it to watch replays of the mario karts game. He is now playing Super Mario World and completing full levels. He is able to use the joystick, jump, and fireballs buttons at the same time and is doing complex moves (quick run/jumps, jumping down to break rocks) that he could not do before – and not from lack of trying.

Continuing to see gains in speech – articulation has been a bit clearer.

Also – while he is escalating when triggered (mostly by having to wait) he has been able to regulate a bit better. We arrived at school too early to go in and I told him we could go in at 8:40. Typically he would start saying “take off shoes! take off socks! no school!” because he hates to wait. This time he waited until 8:40 and said “Time to go in!”  SO MUCH MORE PLEASANT.

No negative reactions on 200c anymore, been a few doses now where it is just positive stuff.

Mum of H, aged 14y.

Prescription explained

H has a clear, ongoing issue with strep and an inability to overcome it, so we decided to run a strep clear/detox alongside the other, more complex fungi detox.

Poly Fungi Plus is a detox that I designed based upon the anti-fungal work that is being found to give great gains in children with autism. These gains come with conventional anti-fungals but the type of medications used cause liver damage and the children have to be closely monitored.
In homeopathy, we routinely use nosodes [remedies made from microbes] to teach the body to recognise and eliminate the microbes that shouldn’t be there. I do this work for:

Viruses like Herpes, Epstein Barr, Varicella, measles, mumps, rubella, etc.

Bacteria like strep, staph, MRSA, clostridia, H.pylori, etc

Yeast Fungi such as the candida species, etc.

Mold Fungi like Aspergillus, etc.

This video was extremely useful in designing the poly fungi plus detox that I’ve been using to great effect:

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