International Homeopath First Aid Kit now available!

My practice first aid kit is now available and ships internationally from Narayani Remedies in the UK. You can buy, in one essential box, 18 remedies in 200c that feature in my charts:

Also ships to USA in 1-2 days
courier $20 or $15 standard.

You need one of these because a dedicated kit by the bed makes the difference between helping yourself when you are sick, or going downhill.
It makes night time childcare much simpler and more reassuring.

The two remedies I’m using with patients for the current pandemic flu are in this kit in the 200c potency I am using.


The kit is tailor made by Narayani Remedies [UK] for clients of International Homeopath – it contains 18 remedies in 200C potency in 2g glass bottles (70 pills each)  packed in a compact handy box.

$90.00 VAT included [£70 approx]

Also ships to USA in 1-2 days
courier $20 or $15 standard.

1.    Aconitum Napellus [Colds, shock, fear of flying/dentistry]

2.    Allium Cepa [Colds, hayfever]

3.    Apis Mellifica [Fever, stings, allergy, rashes]

4.    Arsenicum Album [Colds, food poisoning, stomach bugs, covid]

5.    Belladonna [Fever, tonsillitis]

6.    Bryonia alba [Flu, coughs, covid]

7.    Cantharis [burns & sunburn & burning cystitis]

8.    Eupatorium perfoliatum [Flu]

9.    Ferrum Phosphoricum [Fever]

10.  Gelsemium sempervirens [Flu]

11.  Hypericum perfolatum [Tooth pain and septic conditions]

12.  Magnesium Phosphoricum [muscle pain/period pain, pain after surgery].

13.  Mercurius  [Colds, mouth ulcers, ear infections]

14.  Natrum Muriaticum [Colds]

15.  Nux Vomica [Colds]

16.  Pulsatilla [Colds, ear infections]

17.  Rhus Toxicodendron [Fever, skin eruptions]

18.  Pyrogenium/Gunpowder/Hepar Sulphuricum [Fever, Tooth abscesses & septic cuts.]

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