Intensive Care Homeopathy *

Intensive care homeopathy is compatible.

Intensive care homeopathy can work in the intensive care unit.

“In 2005, research from Shore Health System of Maryland ICU showed that the homeopathic remedy, Kali bichromicum (Kali-bi) reduced excessive mucus in seriously ill patients, lessened their time on ventilators, resulted in less respiratory complications and shortened their stay in the ICU.” 

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Intensive care homeopathy: The homeopathic remedy, Kali bich reduced excessive mucus in seriously ill patients, lessened their time on ventilators.

You can ask for your homeopath to be involved in your care.

Healing can be accelerated with homeopathy and infections prevented & treated.
Pain can often be managed with homeopathy without opiate drugs.

Also read: “I was hospitalised for Grave’s Disease/ thyroid storm and thyroid eye disease 6 months ago. I began treatment with Sally and I was able to stop taking Methimazole after just 3 months of treatment!”

When GPs in the UK had control of their own funding, homeopathy was not unusual within their practices. Audits showed homeopathy saved money for surgeries and could be useful for bridging effectiveness gaps in conventional medicine.     🙂

Effectiveness Gaps [EGs] in Conventional Medicine

GPs listed 78 clinical problems in this study with 85% seen at least monthly.

Musculoskeletal problems were cited by 90% of GPs.
chronic pain &
irritable bowel syndrome were also frequently mentioned.

Modern Life-Support

Modern life-support techniques and equipment have become very efficient. How could they be improved further with homeopathy?

Homeopathic hospitals routinely practice intensive care homeopathy in India and did within the UK in the past.

Intensive care homeopathy hasn’t been used within hospitals in the UK in recent years so we’ve had little opportunity to see how transformational it can be. Perhaps now, with the Kali-bi study in mind, it is a good time to try something like Lycopodium during the current Coronavirus [Covid-19] crisis?

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