Homeopathy that actually PREVENTS infection?*

The more I use & read about homeopathy, the more I suspect there is something more straight-forward about it than we think.

  • Using the substance that’s causing the problems, in nano-dilutions [a homeopathic potency], seems to enable the body to overcome illness caused by those substances [toxin, bacterium, virus].
  • Using homeopathic remedies made from toxic metals is shown to cause animals and humans to eliminate that metal after all natural elimination has stopped.
  • Using remedies made from metals that can be both essential and toxic, seems to cause the body to eliminate where it should and assimilate where it should. Homeopathic remedies like ferrum phos have often been used in anaemia for example.
  • You’ll also find plenty of examples of plant-based homeopathic remedies that have a similar effect, like Pulsatilla, which may be used when you are producing too much breastmilk but also when you are not producing enough.

As a model you could propose that homeopathy stimulates the body to correct its balance in relationship to the substance of the remedy. Sometimes that is a relationship of similars and sometimes a direct relationship with the substance in the remedy. It might turn out to be that simple.

Strictly speaking, Classical homeopaths would argue that using the same substance isn’t ‘homeopathy’ as ‘homeopathy’ uses medicines created from substances that can cause SIMILAR symptoms to the ones you have. They would call using the causative substance ‘isopathy’ … which is the practice of using the substance that directly causes the symptoms, in nano-dilutions, to treat the symptoms the substance causes [ie, mercury for mercury poisoning symptoms]. In practice, there has always been a blurred line here.

Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control.


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