Coming up in this article …..  Homeopathy for tooth decay; Remedies for Caries in Children; dietary adjustments and additions for prevention and repair of teeth.

I’ve added many valuable resource links throughout this article, to make it a practical ‘go to’ for healing and preventing tooth decay, so you may wish to bookmark this page for future reference. 

Individual Differences & Biological Processes.
Some people are more immune to tooth decay than others, despite similar diets & environmental factors.  Homeopaths use remedies aimed at preventing & halting dental decay through holistic treatment for susceptibility.

Some ways in which treatment may reduce tendency to tooth decay by restoring the balance of the body’s systems include:

  • improvements to acid/alkali (ph) balance of the mouth and body:
    • reducing erosion of teeth, plaque formation, bacterial growth, etc,
    • lesser need to draw minerals from the skeleton (including teeth) to balance blood ph (through restored ability to balance blood chemistry with an efficient endocrine system.  Abnormally high blood sugar levels create a ph imbalance that must be rebalanced by introducing minerals to the blood stream and these minerals are then excreted through urination).
  • restored efficiency of the endocrine system (as mentioned above).
    • improved blood sugar balance.
    • greater ability to deal effectively with dietary sugars. (see also note below about diet and prevention).
  • restored immunity leading to fewer bacterial infections of the mouth.
    • also reducing plaque formation. Plaques form from bacterial films. They combine with and tie up minerals in the saliva, inflaming the gums, forming pockets where more plaques can form (gum disease).
  • more efficient ability to assimilate crucial minerals from diet (digestive system),
  • better mouth chemistry and availability of minerals leads to greater ability to remineralise eroded tooth enamel using dietary minerals secreted into saliva
    • (NB: use of standard toothpastes can coat teeth and decrease opportunity for remineralisation.  Tooth soap is a good alternative).
    • An interesting article on the problems with drilling and filling, and the alternatives.

Healing Tooth Decay.

Suggested Homeopathic Remedies:
Being holistic, remedies should always be prescribed according to how well they match the whole patient, and only taken if a good match is found.   As suggested above, homeopathy aims to impact on the many systems of the body that are interrelated and which impact on tooth & mouth conditions.
For advice on potency & dosing a free 15 minute call is available.  If you need help to find a remedy or there are other health problems, please contact me (below) for a consultation.

Remedies Most Typically Seen In Tooth Decay
Click the remedies below to read about them.  I have used links to Vithoulkas’ materia medica, which is most reliable.  Do not expect to see every ailment present, but if you see a good similarity in the remedy it is possibly of use.

Children: (premature caries, crumbling teeth)
kreos; staphysagriacalc; calc-f; fl-ac; mez; plan.  (Lesser remedies to check: bac, carc, cocc, hecla, merc, phos, sil, tub.)

antimonium crud; belladonna, borax; fl-ac; mercury; mezereum; natrum carb; plumbum; sepia & staphysagria;  ( lesser remedies to check: am-c; ambr; bar-c; bov; calc-p; calc-s; chin; glon; hecla; hep; hyos; kali-bi; kali-c; kali-i; kreos; lach; lyc; mag-c; nit-ac; nux-b; ph-ac; phos; puls; rhod; rhus-t; sulph; tarax).

Dietary Additions and Adjustments

There is temporary benefit in cure if it is not maintained by good, healthy PREVENTION!

For an in depth study of a diet for healing tooth decay, the best author I know on the subject is Ramiel Nagel, who published “Cure Tooth Decay”.
His dietary recommendations rely heavily on natural, traditional foods and preparation processes that are quite fashionable recently (the ‘nourishing traditions‘ movement), so there is plenty of information and resources available.  :-))  There is a facebook group for people following Nagel’s diet plan.

There are great benefits to such dietary adjustments.  Some of them can be read about in a book by Gary Taubes.  

Happy and successful teeth healing!

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  1. I always thought homeopathy is a bit weak in this area…and didn’t seem right….I definitely need to explore more..and try it out…I’d love to get more info ..thank you

    1. I’m yet to find homeopathy’s weak area Oana 🙂 Perhaps infections in filled root canals? That does potentially present a weak area as there is no blood supply to the root canal when it has been filled, but that is just a hunch so far. Otherwise, homeopathy is powerful for teeth. 🙂

  2. I have a few cavities that I want to heal. For the last few years I have been following the GAPS protocol which is very similar to the Paleo-AIP. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have managed it with GAPS. Although I am frustrated that my teeth continue to deteriorate despite eliminating sugar, flour, grains, etc. I do not take any medicines. I only take Fermented cod liver oil and collagen powder along with fermented foods (saurkraut, kefir, yogurt, fermented cream). Can you please suggest what I should take? I’ve been reading about cell salts, but I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t know which ones I should get and how much to take of each. I am in the US for now but will soon be moving to a country in South America where it would be impossible to have access to homeopathy. I would like to know what I need, so I can take with me South America. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Laura,
      it sounds like you need a holistic consultation before you leave for S America. I also think you can get homeopathy anywhere in the world. I work with people on every continent so far. You can order remedies from an american pharmacy that will send out worldwide.
      Resolve your RA and your teeth at the same time. Your tooth problem is clearly not dietary but systemic in some way.
      I’m on study leave from the end of the week but you can book in for January. online booking:

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