Help for Fear and Anxiety – Covid-19.

The burden of the current situation may be overwhelming if you are already under strain from house moves, country moves, caring roles, living a long way from family, etc.

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As you’d expect, I’ve been seeing plenty of people with anxiety around Covid-19. The assurance of being prepared with potential homeopathic remedies has been enough for many, for now.

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If you’d like support, get in touch. You can book an acute online at the link at top. Here are the remedies I’ve been seeing need of.


Aconite is often the first remedy to look to when you have a sense of fear and panic around the kind of situation we are facing globally, currently.
This is our top ‘panic’ remedy. Palpitations, often numbness and tingling with sudden onset of bouts of fear and panic.


Some have needed Arsenicum where Aconite hasn’t helped.
They have shown a strong fear of hearing any news in case it is bad news.
Great need to be able to control what’s happening, with an ability to do so can lead to great distress, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, and digestive symptoms like heart burn and diarrhea.

Get help

If you are feeling the strain, an acute 20 min appointment is probably long enough to find the right remedy that can help you cope with your responsibilities, fear, & issues with being in isolation, etc.

You can book at the link at top of page … and use the out-of-hours service if needed.

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