Health Concerns for School Children..

The education system in many cultures is putting enormous pressure on children, and that pressure is impacting significantly on their mental health.

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In Japan, suicide rates among school children at the end of long holidays indicate a similar trend to that seen by Peter Gray in the USA.

Peter Gray, a psychologist specialising in children in education and play, describes the pressures perfectly,

Imagine a job in which your work every day is micromanaged by your boss. You are told exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You are required to stay in your seat until your boss says you can move.  Each piece of your work is evaluated and compared, every day, with the work done by your fellow employees.  You are rarely trusted to make your own decisions.  Research on employment shows that this is not only the most tedious employment situation, but also the most stressful.  Micromanagement drives people crazy.

link Peter Gray

He recently gathered and published data on numbers of serious admissions for mental health crises among Connecticut children.  He found 1/2 the number of admissions to children’s mental health centres in school holiday months in the summer, compared to the rest of the year.  May was the worst month for rates of admissions.

The Guardian ran this article on the impact of the education system on the mental health of children and young people.  
The author writes:

If you’re a young person who can empathise with this article, I want to tell you that there are a great many of us, and it will get better. To the politicians, my message is simply this: if you want the nation’s future generations to be free of the crippling anxieties and fear of failure entrenched by the current system, you have the power to change it.

The Children’s Society (UK) report on the relative unhappiness of children in England.  Matthew Reed, chief executive, described the findings as “deeply worrying”.  He said:

School should be a safe haven, not a battleground.  Despite a long period of austerity, we are one of the richest nations in the world yet the happiness of our children is at rock bottom.  They are unhappy at school and are struggling with issues around their appearance and self-confidence.  We know that this is related to their mental health and can prevent them flourishing. We need to urgently find a way to make young people feel happier about their lives to avoid storing up problems for the future.

We have options:

  • we can change the system via pressure on Government and schools.
  • we can strengthen our children for the environment [homeopathy can help here],
  • we can bring them out of school.

Here is a recent article I wrote on how to strengthen your mental/emotional health. There are some great methods here that people of all ages can learn quickly and simply.  Anxiety, panic attacks and other emotional and mental health issues may respond to homeopathic treatment (see my testimonials).

I’ll also link to organisations that support people who decide to home educate in the UK.  There are organisations worldwide also.

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