Mineral Check Hair Mineral AnalysisToxic metals plus essential minerals with Nutritionist’s Report. £75

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How much hair?

  • The laboratory requires a 100 mg which is approximately a heaped teaspoon full of hair.

What type of hair?

  • Head hair is preferred but if unavailable, you can use facial or pubic hair. If no hair is unavailable then nail clippings can be tested. These alternative tissue samples may not be as reliable as head hair and may not always provide nutrient mineral data, but they will monitor toxic mineral levels.
  • NB: Please do not mix samples – i.e. do not mix head hair with facial hair. 
  • The only shampoo that may affect the result is anti-dandruff shampoo so if this is something you usually use, switch to baby shampoo for a few washes before taking your sample.


Toxic metals + essential minerals. [Without Nutritionist’s Report].
Sample Report

Cost: £75 payable directly to Regenerus Labs on booking and they will send instructions. 
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Be sure to use your practitioner’s name [they must be registered with Regenerus so they can receive your results].
Results will arrive via email and we’ll let you know when they are in.

Choose ‘metal toxicity’ from the first drop down menu.
The second drop down menu lists all the metals that will be tested for. You don’t need to choose one or pay per metal.
If you want to apply the Andy Cutler Counting Rules, this is the test for you.

If you have any further questions please email me.

Unlike some medical samples, hair is stable and this means it will not deteriorate. While you should post as soon as you can to get your results back quickly, the sample will be fine if you cannot for any reason get it off immediately. 

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