Follow Your Child *

Following your child is a fast route to good mental health:

Enabling children to gain a sense of their own competence is the key to maintaining good self-esteem and mental health. Sometimes we can step back and let them work things out for themselves, with us feigning nonchalance in the background until we DO grow to trust them.
Most often we are vacillating between overprotecting or pushing them into things we think they *should* be ready for.

Neither push nor pull … enable.

We need to enable them to be powerful & competent in themselves, in their own time and at their own speed, by facilitating and stepping back with the body language that speaks thus:

“You are competent”

Follow the child. Facilitate. They know where they are headed & how to become a fully functioning human being.

Suggested Reading:

Maria Montessori’s works. She was an Italian doctor who developed the Montessori method of education [in which I also trained]. She coined the phrase “Follow The Child” … except she probably said something like…

“Segui il bambino”

Maria Montessori

Pam Leo’s Work on “Connection Parenting”. She is a parent educator with some wonderful, peaceful parenting techniques to teach.
She, rather significantly, points out … 

“However we treat the child, the child will treat the world.”

Pam Leo

If we treat the child fearfully, the child will treat the world fearfully. 
If we treat them without trust, they likely learn not to trust themselves or the world.

If you have followed and facilitated and your child is trapped in a state of anxiety, it is time to get the kind of help that can make big differences, fast … without harmful side effects.  Take a look at some of my testimonials and see what homeopathy can do.

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