Flu Shot Alternative to Vaccination..

Want a flu shot alternative?  Don’t want to get that flu vaccine with its vaccine injury risks, tendency to spread flu and its ineffectiveness? Afraid of the flu?

The following tells the story of how simple it is to treat flu with homeopathy and how hard it can be without, with the secondary infections & asthma flares that can come after flu.


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I’m giving you the opportunity to prepare ahead for flu season.

Here’s another
Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 09.49.01

This particular person has a predisposition to pneumonia. She video called me from a hospital, 30 weeks pregnant, with severe asthma (after a cold). They were struggling to get asthma under control despite hospital treatment. She got thro just beautifully with a homeopathic remedy.

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So get your remedies in and take a look at my free remedy chart here: 
Flu: Free Remedy Chart. 

There’s a full first aid section in the First Aid tab up above.


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