First Aid Emergency Remedies..

First Aid Emergency Remedies whilst awaiting an ambulance.

I’ve been asked by patients to provide a list of “On the way to the hospital” first aid emergency remedies.
Here I go: [Take a single dose & repeat once after 5 mins if still needed. 10M is a high potency, so it is advised to get in touch if you can.  If the situation is severe 10M is usually indicated.]

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What you should expect

In a first aid emergency, you should expect yourself, the patient and often bystanders to suffer from some form of shock.  Aconite 10M can be useful to everyone involved, stop people panicking and prevent the development of physical shock.  Shock can be dangerous for the patient and can have long-term effects for all involved.

How to make a combination First Aid Emergency Remedy: 

First aid emergency remedies can be made into specific combinations in a homeopathic solution [like the one for anaphylaxis or the one for heart attacks].  [How to make a homeopathic solution]
The purpose of this is to cover all bases.  You don’t have time to work out which remedy is most suited in a heart attack or anaphylaxis [the two combinations listed in the chart], so you’d give all the remedies listed in the combination at once when you are faced with a serious first aid emergency.

Ordering First Aid Emergency Remedies:

The homeopathic pharmacies I most often use are here.

A bit more detail.

Here are some of the best articles linked from the web:

Heart attack:


If you need advice

If you are one of my patients I’m on standby for first aid emergency advice between 9am and 9pm [London time] 7 days a week.  You can get hold of me [usually within minutes] here: 

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