Fevers Are Good! Natural treatment for Small People :-)..

Natural Fever Remedies

Is Calpol causing asthma?

There is research that indicates use of Calpol (aka Paracetamol, Tylenol, or Acetaminophen) is significantly related to much higher rates of asthma in children*1.

*1.  You’ll see research if you google ‘Calpol & asthma’ showing a correlation and they are not sure yet whether Calpol causes higher rates of asthma or there is another kind of non-causal relationship between Calpol and asthma.

The Dangers of Fevers?

Fever has its uses. The body creates a higher set point to raise the temperature until it reaches a temperature that can kill invading microbes and the experience provides an immune boost with the release of white blood cells.

The NHS advise “If your child isn’t distressed by the fever or underlying illness, there’s no need to use antipyretics to reduce a fever.” and “Sponging your child with cool water isn’t recommended to reduce a fever.”

Get your fever kit!

I’ve used homeopathic remedies for fevers for 30 years!  
Fevers are a sign of an activated immune system. You can find homeopathic pharmacies such as https://narayaniremedies.com online. They ship internationally and will be stocking my Fever Chart remedies as a kit.  

click for printable file
  • if nothing seems to fit or work, try ferrum phos.

It’s a great idea to have a first aid kit if you are going to use homeopathic first aid alternatives.
You’ll find some remedies at amazon & occasionally at local health shops.
There is a list of pharmacies here. [Many will sell directly to the public.]
Helios stock a good 36 remedy first aid kit [available from Amazon.com, or via phone from Helios]. Ainsworth have a similar 42 remedy first aid kit [also not for sale online, so phone them].

(* be sure to use NHS or other services to check for conditions that require immediate emergency supervision at A&E or ER). 

Homeopathy247.com gives you access to a homeopath 24 hours a day wherever you are in the world! This doesn’t replace your homeopath and a lot of homeopaths will use it as an out of hours service. 😊
If you usually treat your own family with homeopathy, you can use this service when you get stuck. Isn’t it Sod’s Law that is always in the middle of the night? Well! At H247, we are there even then!

Fever Meds may make vaccines less effective.

Apart from the dangers now known of giving fever meds like paracetamol / acetaminophen after vaccines, they may reduce the effectiveness of the immune response.

“Though prophylactic antipyretic administration leads to relief of the local and systemic symptoms after primary vaccinations, there is a reduction in antibody responses to some vaccine antigens”


Pain may actually be greater on Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen reduces immune response during infections.

“leading French health officials warned against using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) against the COVID-19 coronavirus disease”


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