Don’t use Ibuprofen during Covid-19 or other infection.

Just in case you could have missed this news:

Despite anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen being used to treat pain, arthritis, headaches, sore throats and colds, they can decrease the response of the body’s immune system.

Homeopathy for fevers other flu like symptoms is a far safer way to go. Indeed, fevers are healing symptoms so it is arguable that even paracetamol is counterproductive to recover. In my professional experience with flu, those using paracetamol have a longer recovery.

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Ibuprofen warned against

Bronchial/asthma issues are already documented with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. [among other issues].

Now, French doctors and the WHO are warning against its use during Covid-19 coronavirus infection, having seen poorer outcomes with its use.
I’ve searched for the Lancet paper this is based on but can’t yet find it.

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