Detox Instructions for Patients

Detox instructions.

Make a homeopathic solution

Start with a single 1/2tsp dose of 30c twice a week for 2 weeks then continue until no symptoms are seen for 2 doses. 

Raise the potency to 200c [add 3-5 200c pills to the same solution] and continue as above until you need 1M, and again with 1M until you need 10M.  Finish 10M after at least 6 doses, when no more reaction is seen.  

Detox symptoms explained in more detail here.  

If you have night waking, any unusual mood issues, increased ‘stimming’, hyperactivity, or skin eruptions, use poly organ support if prescribed.  Start at 2 doses [1/2 tsp homeopathic solution] a week and if needed can be given daily.  If you still see problems drop the detox dose to 1 x a week & get in touch.   

Desirable detox symptoms are increased sweating, urination, stools, runny nose, etc. 

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