who uses homeopathy

The British royal family are renowned for their use of homeopathy and for their longevity, health and failure to retire!
Another famous figure, Mother Teresa, lived to 87, working among serious, contagious diseases well beyond retirement age and remaining well and able, quite beyond the odds.Read more

It was nice to have my dh home again and fit in lots of dog walks and garden work over the weekend 🙂  This week I’ve also taken to running a mile before work [literally, not figuratively!] We had a great, long discussion about adrenal fatigue [causes and solutions] inRead more

Level 1: Acute Illnesses/Minor Injuries self limiting and self-treatable. Minor injuries, viral illnesses & bacterial infections. Caused by an external force, forcing a reaction from your body. Treating these with homeopathy is supportive to the body, and relatively simple. You can often do this yourself with a bit of research. Buy aRead more

Holistically: Homeopathy is a holistic medicine, treating the whole person. Rebalancing: Its aim is to rebalance the whole individual, treating all symptoms, rather than to rid the individual of single symptoms by suppression of those symptoms. Your defences: Symptoms are produced by the body’s defence mechanism in reaction to attacksRead more