sleep insomnia treatment

Page down for:  Natural Treatment Checklist.  Factors causing sleeplessness.  The sleep-obesity link;  Benefits of sleep. Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia. What’s Keeping Us Awake? Although it seems you are the only person who is NOT asleep, you are not alone, and help is at hand.  Researchers and authors talk of an ever increasingRead more Researchers found that children with autism were 30 percent more likely to have trouble settling and falling asleep as well as 43 percent more likely to struggle to stay asleep and in maintaining a healthy rhythm than their neurotypical peers. Some of the most common sleep problems thatRead more

night waking

Are you or your child waking at 3 am recently or long-term … this indicates you need liver support & that whatever is going on right now in your life is taxing your liver.  Slow it down [if it is an intervention] and add in liver support in one of aRead more