homeopathy intensive care

Intensive care homeopathy is compatible. Intensive care homeopathy can work in the intensive care unit. “In 2005, research from Shore Health System of Maryland ICU showed that the homeopathic remedy, Kali bichromicum (Kali-bi) reduced excessive mucus in seriously ill patients, lessened their time on ventilators, resulted in less respiratory complicationsRead more

I’m actually considering calling this post “Killing Me Softly”.  It’s principally about steroid side effects, but I’m not drawing attention to just these drugs. Your Immune System’s Warfare Tactics. I visualize our immune system like a series of defensive concentric walls set up around a citadel: The Citadel: Our immune systemRead more

Holistically: Homeopathy is a holistic medicine, treating the whole person. Rebalancing: Its aim is to rebalance the whole individual, treating all symptoms, rather than to rid the individual of single symptoms by suppression of those symptoms. Your defences: Symptoms are produced by the body’s defence mechanism in reaction to attacksRead more

 How Homeopathy Works … Homeopathy Works, WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS. As seen in this study within an intensive care unit. How it can work at great dilution has been demonstrated. DATABASE OF CLINICAL OUTCOME RESEARCH IN HOMEOPATHY. Death by Medicine doctors are often operating in the dark … “well below half” ofRead more