gout relief

Because gout is a functional problem to do with the way your body accumulates or eliminates uric acid, homeopathy can help stimulate your body to rebalance its handling of this acid. Read more

homeopathy intensive care

Intensive care homeopathy is compatible. Intensive care homeopathy can work in the intensive care unit. “In 2005, research from Shore Health System of Maryland ICU showed that the homeopathic remedy, Kali bichromicum (Kali-bi) reduced excessive mucus in seriously ill patients, lessened their time on ventilators, resulted in less respiratory complicationsRead more

infected toe

Guest Post:  Sarah Feeley. Recently I had cause to contact my Homeopath to assist me in healing a toe that had gotten infected after pulling out a small piece of sticking up skin, to deeply from around the toenail of my right foot. The toe was immediately sore however IRead more

emergency homeopathy

First Aid Emergency Remedies whilst awaiting an ambulance. I’ve been asked by patients to provide a list of “On the way to the hospital” first aid emergency remedies.Here I go: [Take a single dose & repeat once after 5 mins if still needed. 10M is a high potency, so itRead more

If you are looking to treat an eye injury naturally, this is a great little post detailing which homeopathic remedies are useful for which types of eye injuries. http://www.homeopathycenter.org/eye-injuries Hits: 4Read more

Let’s Avoid Antibiotics with First Aid for Coughs! I’ve been meaning to add a first aid page with a coughs chart but have been too busy to do so and now, why reinvent the wheel?  My colleague Paula Webb has written one that it unsurpassable so I’m going to link toRead more

Your first homeopathic remedy to think of for recurrent tonsillitis is belladonna. It will quickly solve most/many cases of tonsillitis where there is redness of the tonsils and fever. [Sometimes a different remedy is needed]. If you have recurrent tonsillitis this may be enough to finish that so that itRead more

Want a flu shot alternative?  Don’t want to get that flu vaccine with its vaccine injury risks, tendency to spread flu and its ineffectiveness? The following tells the story of how simple it is to treat flu with homeopathy and how hard it can be without, with the secondary infections & asthma flares that can come after flu.Read more