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B is a 6 year old boy from South Africa who started #homeopathy in July 2019 with an ATEC [autism] score of 72 points and dropped 27 points in the first month!

B is a 6 year old boy from South Africa who started homeopathy with me in July 2019 with an ATEC [autism] score of 72 points and dropped 27 points in the first month!

A little background

B was an engaged and present baby: smiled a lot, plenty of eye contact.  He’s a very healthy looking kid.

Changes were slow – they are unsure if it was vaccines [stopped at 14 weeks due to concerns] or toxicity build up.  Parents started noticing he wasn’t responding to people just before his 2nd birthday, among other red flags like hand flapping and lack of speech and he was diagnosed with autism at 3.5y. 

B’s Main challenge is communication.  

  • B spoke his first words at 4.5y.  He began labelling objects or saying random, purposeless words. Then he developed some basic needs based language.  4-7 word sentences.  No expressive language – nothing about feelings.  Began answering basic questions recently, but only functional questions with closed ended answers.  
  • Social connection poor as he can’t talk well.  
  • No concept of time – future, present, past – leading to impatience & distress.

Every now and again we see an impressive set of gains early in a child’s journey with homeopathy. In his mum’s own words:

He’s learning sentence construction in speech therapy, and he’s applying what he’s learning all the time. All of our chats during reading need to be broken down into parts so that he can help build a sentence. Very interesting.

His physiotherapist says that physically he’s a changed child and he’s very very active.

I noticed him and his cousin were actually spending time in each other’s company the other day, whereas generally  B does his own thing or his cousin S loses interest. S was hanging around so I’m assuming he found it more engaging.

Sometimes it feels like living with a “normal” child as he listens, takes instruction … it’s less labored to engage B and I feel a lightness within our relationship and in myself that has been absent for years.

Mother of B, age 6. S. Africa.

Language & attention:

He is asking “What is this?” – beginning to go through the developmental stages he missed as a toddler.  

He’s listening and hearing his family talking now.  No longer in his own world, he’s tuned in and repeating what they say.
He was chatting with the Au pair next door who was giving a lesson in the adjoining yard.  Before he’d have been in his own world. He was getting involved with the lesson she was giving her charge.  She would say ‘spell whale’ and he would reply “Whale swimming.  Beluga whales are kissing with the mouth” [this is something happening in his own reading book.] This is totally new, conversational language. It’s not yet entirely appropriate conversational language but it is a massive step.

He is now able to answer an open ended complex question like ‘what’s in this picture’ and infer from partial objects what’s happening.  He could predict from the bike handlebar in a picture that the woman in the picture had a bicycle.  He’s never ridden a bike and mum was really pleased with his ability to observe what was not shown. This is a level of abstract thinking & expression he’s not shown before.

Understanding Time & Learning Patience.

Understanding has improved when trying to talk through something that’s out of his control. He’s started to have a concept of time; that something is going to happen later. His questions reflect this.  He’ll ask “Nursery on?”  He’s starting to understand about later, now, a different day.  He wakes Saturday morning and says “No Lizzy.” as she doesn’t come on Saturday mornings.  With this new concept of time his ability to express himself has improved during melt downs and he’s developing an ability to wait because he knows that not doing it ‘now’ doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

School Reports

His teachers report that every day he’s doing better.  Progressing, happy & engaged.  He now sits at the table without reinforcement & completes his tasks.  Mum enthuses that his teachers are totally engaged and into the process & really believe in it.  

The future

Of course, we are excited to see what further developments come as he continues. So far he has had his constitutional remedy and has been undertaking a homeopathic vaccines detox. We’ve seen clear detox symptoms indicating that vaccines were part of the issue for B.

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