Graduating Elementary against the odds: Autism Recovery #

Here’s a great story of autism recovery.

I just watched a video of one of my clients graduating elementary school.  The audience CHEERED loudly when he went onto the stage to collect his graduation certificate.  That cheer indicated just how far he has come to graduate and he wasn’t dealt an easy hand.   His mum sent me the video as she is thrilled with what homeopathy has been able to help her son achieve.

autism graduate elementary
Featured Photo by Aman Shrivastava on Unsplash

“He now wakes on time for school at same time. He’s down by 6.40am. He’s perfectly on time.
Seeing good improvements. Meeting at the school –> Going to middle school this year! They had lots of good things to tell. Earlier he used to be distracted and talk to people asking the same questions over and over though he knew the answers. He is polite but gets on with his own things. Good improvement in speech. Diversified forms of sentence. Using more words spontaneously, very naturally. It is good and remarkable improvement.”

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