Autism: A Child Awakes #

4 year old A is now sitting with his family at table and not needing to be called or begged to do so.  He wants to join in.  This is really pleasing.  He was on his best behaviour for xmas dinner.  

His mood has improved.  His self injurious behaviour is greatly reduced. Now he will hit a little bit on his chin when really upset rather than all day long. He’s much gentler with himself.  No longer slapping his own face.  This was the main concern.  
Chelidonium was used for liver support during the homeopathic detox.  Generally his mood has really improved.  
He has started to comprehend more language too.
He has much more awareness of his surroundings & wants to play and learn.  

His constant drooling has gone altogether.  His mouth is no longer open constantly.  
Snoring has got better.  It’s not gone but really better.  Sleeping better as a result.  [enlarged tonsils].  

Socially, even in nursery will now interact by touching other children.  Not playing but trying to get a book from them etc.  Before he was in his little corner not even looking at other children.  

This is a beautiful awakening.
We’ve been using baryta-carbonica and also detoxes. We are also working with a lead detox to reduce his lead levels.

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