Anorexia & Paranoia

Rio, age 15, suffered with anorexia & paranoia stemming from anxiety.  He had rapidly grown 1 foot whilst dropping 20kg & was suffering with insomnia, migraines and growing pains.

He had a great outcome after the first remedy, normalising his eating habits and regaining most of the weight he’d lost, along with a reduction in growing pains and migraines.

A year later he returned with paranoid thoughts, fearfulness that stopped him sleeping and exam performance anxiety. These resolved nicely with a second remedy.
His migraines return in a milder form if he pushes himself too hard (he is studying for GCSE exams this year and has a full dance rehearsal schedule too).  He has had consultations ranging over 1 year, and has regular follow ups during high stress periods, to monitor his health and discuss coping strategies.
He no longer struggles with anorexia & paranoia.
His testimonial is here:

I’ve had three sessions over the past year. This review takes you through what she has helped me with.

First session (October 2014)
When I first sought help, I had various unresolved problems that needed sorting out.
When I was younger I was always very positive. However, after a dramatic change in my body shape – I went from being short and stocky to tall and thin – I began worrying about what others thought about me. This led to some negative effects, including:
• Not eating enough – leaving me constantly tired; and
• Having lots of migraines at school – stopping me from concentrating in lessons.
In addition to this I had growing pains. They prevented me doing various activities, including dance.

In response to this session, I was given calc phos. This treatment helped me take a more positive view of myself. The migraines carried on, but they occurred less frequently.

Second session (August 2015)
At this point so much was happening in my life, that I needed to make a further appointment. My symptoms had changed to paranoia.
I was struggling to sleep for two reasons:
• Fear of someone entering the house, and harming either myself or a member of my family – I listened out for and feared every noise in the house.
• The possibility of being conscripted to serve in the armed forces, which I considered real and terrifying.
Fear of letting down my friends and family was also a major problem. I felt that the people closest to me would be upset if I didn’t perform well in my mock exams. This made me paranoid of losing my friends.

After this second session I was given Ratanhia. There were several outcomes from this:
• I felt more in control of my thoughts;
• I was able to face my fears; and
• The consequent relief from stress meant I could concentrate more on the things I loved, for example dance.

Third session (October 2015)
The third session I had in October 2015, confirmed that my symptoms had gone. Overall, I would say that it was a great help. It allowed me to express any worries I had. She also showed genuine care by messaging me between each session.

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