Alzheimer’s & Menopause – Take Action.

Concerns with earlier menopause, estrogen & Alzheimer’s Disease

We need to know about the Alzheimer’s & menopause link and what we can do about it, especially with women going into early menopause more and more often and Alzheimer’s disease on the rise. It’s thought now that Alzheimer’s begins to start in women around menopause and symptoms may not be seen for decades. Intervention at this stage could make all the difference.

Who gets Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease affects twice as many women world wide as men and it is linked to the drop in estrogen. [* In the UK this is spelt oestrogen, but for consistency I’ll use the estrogen spelling.]

Homeopathy can help.

Homeopathy has a great track record dealing with the symptoms that can occur in peri menopause and menopause as well as regulating hormones where people have premature menopause.

Body temperature / sweating / dryness / mood swings / anxiety, etc.

Problems with hot flushes, sleep, emotional issues and mental functioning [caused by deregulation of parts of the brain that are dependent on estrogen] can usually be resolved pretty quickly with homeopathy.

Big ‘menopause’ remedies include:

  • Sepia
  • Agnus castus
  • Asterias
  • Pulsatilla
  • Lachesis, etc.

See below for why you may want to use homeopathy to avoid HRT [hormone replacement therapy]. And see the booking link at top to book in.

Improve action of Estrogen through Exercise

This is another reason why you cannot be complacent about physical exercise [at any time of life]. We know that depression is often alleviated by physical exercise and lack of exercise is connected with depression.
Exercise is very important for activating estrogen within the body & this hormone plays a major role in mood & anxiety regulation, as well as other functions like heat regulation.
No surprises that people who need a common ‘menopausal’ remedy like Sepia feel so much better for vigorous exercise!

You can’t cut corners with exercise. Find a way to do it.
If you have reasons you can’t exercise, this is something that homeopathy may also be able to address [fibromyalgia, fatigue, rheumatism, injuries, etc].


Hormonal changes can wreak havoc on sleep. In turn, sleep deprivation can affect hormone levels in a sleepless vicious cycle.


Read also: Impact of stress on hormones: “Pregnenolone Steal”.

There is a see-saw action between the main stress hormone, cortisone and hormones such as estrogen [the ‘sex’ hormones], thyroid hormones, and even anti-diuretic hormone that stops you peeing at night. They are all made from the same building blocks and high stress steals building blocks from other, essential hormone. With chronic stress you may see infertility, hypothyroidism and sleep disruption due to having to rise to pee.
Homeopathy can help to regulate the stress levels and hormone balance.

Read also: Adrenal Fatigue & Stress: Lifestyle.

Raising your Estrogen in menopause through diet too.

Choose foods that are high in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens act like an estrogen substitute in the body and occur naturally in several plants and herbs.

  • legumes: soybeans [non GMO], peas, pinto and lima beans
  • fruits: cranberries, prunes, apricots
  • herbs: oregano, sage, licorice
  • whole grains,
  • flaxseed
  • vegetables: broccoli and cauliflower

Hormone Replacement Therapy Harm

Hypertension is one of the side effects of HRT! Unfortunately, many doctors, nevertheless, still prescribe the treatment and cause unnecessary heart disease.
This post has many links to studies and a fairly comprehensive list of the risks.
Homeopathy offers a great alternative.

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