*** I’m finding Arsenicum album 30c is most appropriate for the initial stage in the first 2 days of coronavirus-like infection. Early signs are tightness in the throat and chest, burning in the throat, weakness, headache in the temples and forehead ***The Indian government recommended ars-alb 30c daily for 3Read more

fatty liver disease

Fatty liver or Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease can be treated with homeopathy and there are some key dietary and lifestyle interventions that I’ll describe in this article. I’ll also teach you how to gently put it all together to clean up your liver and your life. Read more

gout relief

Because gout is a functional problem to do with the way your body accumulates or eliminates uric acid, homeopathy can help stimulate your body to rebalance its handling of this acid. Read more

homeopathic solution

It’s another step to make a solution … but it is valuable if you are repeating a remedy as it enables you to ‘bash’ [shake, aka “success”] it between each dose … to activate the remedy, increase the potency very slightly, & to avoid ‘proving’ aggravations. Read more

heal teeth

I’ve had the time to write two new courses in the last few weeks, as Coronavirus has slowed down my routine appointments.
You’ll find my Teachable school here:
See what’s new. Read more

who uses homeopathy

The British royal family are renowned for their use of homeopathy and for their longevity, health and failure to retire!
Another famous figure, Mother Teresa, lived to 87, working among serious, contagious diseases well beyond retirement age and remaining well and able, quite beyond the odds.Read more